Dr. Glen Martin Swartwout, A.B. (Dartmouth), B.D. (Divinity), O.D. (Optometry), N.D. (Natural Medicine), F.I.C.A.N. (Nutrition), F.C.S.O. (Light) is the son of a pioneer in rehabilitative eye care, Dr. J. Baxter Swartwout, O.D., F.A.A.O, F.C.O.V.D (Vision Development), replaced Dr. A. M. Skeffington as President of O.E.P.F. (Functional Optometry, the largest continuing education organization in healthcare’s 3rd leading independent profession) and is named after Dr. Schuyler Martin, M.D. who participated in early research on vitamin metabolism, as well as in energy medicine research with Steinmetz at General Electric.

Dr. Glen has written over a dozen books in the Wellness field including Materia Medica and Anima Medica (a 2 volume encyclopedia of Natural Medicine in the context of his Clinical Theory of Everything), and the leading books in the world on natural therapies for the major blinding eye diseases: Cataract, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Dry Eye (#1 globally due to the high rate of related blindness in Africa from malnutrition including Vitamin A deficiency). His mission to end the inevitability of the major causes of blindness by 2020 is reaching fruition through adoption by a growing network of health practitioners.

‘Professor Glendalf, the Wizard of Wellness’ at Mentorship University is at your service through Healing Oasis centered in Hilo, Hawai’i and through Permafest at The Shire situated at the precise planetary resonance point (19.47 degrees latitude on the Rift Zone) on the world’s most active volcano.

His Functional Formulations are available at RemedyMatch.com, select health care clinics, and coaching and consulting as well as all levels of training are also available through TryUnity.net to facilitate all aspects of Accelerated Self-Healing.

Through his researches in Energy Medicine, Alchemy and Resonance, he rediscovered the Dominant Harmonic Frequency of Nature, once the metric standard for a Thousand Years of Peace in ancient China and Tibet. This frequency, which promotes a sanctuary effect, drawing in more of the Spirit Minerals (Condensates of the Transition Minerals centered around Palladium, the perfect dodecahedral resonance mineral), the Holy Grail of the Conscious, Immortal, Spirit body, which facilitate healing through their superfluid, superconducting and non-local functions. The frequency is incorporated into several of Dr. Glen’s healing tools, through sound, through Near Infrared frequencies that activate the mitochondria as well as living water structure as deep as 7 inches in soft tissue. The frequency is also used in PEMF (Magnetic), Microcurrent, Plasma, and Scalar modes to instill the sanctuary effect.

The motto of Healing Oasis is “The power of nutrition enables one to exercise the senses, and from sensory experience the intellect gains concepts, and so the will is freed to choose.” These remarkable words come to us from the medieval theologian and Doctor of the Church, St. Thomas Aquinas

Dr. Glen offers his healing ministry in aspiration as his own kind of Doctor of the Church for the reverent healing of the spirit, the spirit’s function of mind, and the Minding Body (coming Magazine) as a unity, a Triune fractal of our Source, in whose imagery we are created… Dr. Glen is long retired from the narrow materialist focus and spiritual myopia that dominates the thinking and limiting ‘standards of care’ that prevail in Western Medicine, in which he would have faced blindness in his ’40’s… He consults closely with clients to complement their choices for or against conventional care options. His mission is to breathe life into the practice of Pastoral Medicine, by teaching us to care for our Body and Mind as if Spirit Matters. Doctor, after all, means teacher, from the Latin ‘docere‘.

As a ‘Wizard’ or Wise man, Dr. Glen learned from many systems of medicine, including forms of European Biological Medicine in which it is observed that the practitioner gains the equivalent of 10 years of experience in their very first year of practice, because of the immediate feedback from listening to the wisdom of the body. Despite his wizardly equivalent of over 350 years of experience, he likes to note that he doesn’t look a day over 300…