Visual floaters can be an annoying interference with vision.

But occasionally, new floaters can also be a sign of deeper issues with your eye health. That means that your first step, before buying a self-help course like this, should be to have your eye doctor check on the underlying cause of any new floaters that appear in your vision…

The common form, also known as Muscae voluntantes, are simply the shadow on the retina of the remnant of the Hyalin Artery that feeds the growing eye lens in utero. There is no blood flowing in that vessel after we are born, but the density of the shadow it casts in our vision can be an indicator of our state of wellness…

The typical issues I see related to common, benign, but annoying floaters, are congestion and toxicity in the gut area, especially the Colon and the Liver. The Large Intestine has a special energetic relationship with the Vitreous Humor, the jelly-like connective tissue that fills the bulk of the eyeball, between the retina and the crystalline lens…

The Liver has a very powerful connection to the eyes in general, as has been well known to practitioners of Oriental Medicine (aka Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM) for thousands of years… In conventional Western Medicine, of course, we know that the Liver filters the Portal blood from the entire abdomen, including the Colon. The Colon absorbs the water from the stool, and this can bring in toxins, since the material inside the Large Intestine is typically the most toxic material in the human body.

If you are bothered by floaters and decide to explore the Eye Floaters No More course, please stay in touch and let me know how it works for you. We can also provide additional support on an individual basis for all your wellness needs. To get access to our Coaching and Consulting services, start by completing our online application form here.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and to being on your wellness team!

Dr. Glen
Dr. Glen

Dr. Glen has written over a dozen books in the Wellness field including a 2 volume encyclopedia of Natural Medicine in the context of his Clinical Theory of Everything, and the leading books in the world on natural therapies for the major blinding eye diseases: Cataract, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Dry Eye (#1 globally due to the high rate of related blindness in Africa from malnutrition including Vitamin A deficiency). His Functional Formulations are available at and at select clinics, and coaching, consulting and training are also available through to facilitate your Accelerated Self-Healing.

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