The 5 Phases of Health:

The Biophysical Terrains of Disease

If you want to grow a certain pathogen, you must supply it with the correct petri dish growth medium.

It is the same inside the body.

The biophysical parameters of terrain determine what kind of health or disease patterns we can produce.

Biophysics, made up primarily of protons, electrons and photons, determine the energy content of a biological fluid medium…

This energy content is calculated by the Nernst Equation…

Protons are more familiar in Chemistry as pH, or potential Hydrogen. Hydrogen, after all is simply made of a proton and an electron.

In practice, it comes as molecular Hydrogen (H2) made of a pair of each of these fundamental subatomic particles.

Measured as rH2, molecular Hydrogen is used in Bioelectronics of Vincent, also known as the Medicine of the Future (because it is so accurate in predicting future health), as the measure of electrons.

Since antioxidants are defined as electron donors, molecular Hydrogen is an ideal antioxidant. It is so small that it can get around easily inside the body.

And while H2 protects the body’s tissues against oxidation (a key factor in aging and disease), it does not interfere with the essential process of oxidative respiration in the mitochondria, which is responsible for producing over 90% of our metabolic energy.