Wellness is more than a mere lack of diagnoses…

The space between Disease and Wellness is called Susceptibility.

Our mission is to help you restore Wellness and achieve your genetic potential for life quality and longevity…

In a state of wellness, your body will naturally take care of healing Dis-ease in a sequential, step-by-step process that we call Accelerated Self-Healing.

If you are looking for personal guidance and direction in your process, I invite you to complete our simple online application form.

We have developed hundreds of remedies, videos and other resources to support your healing mission, so please go right ahead and make contact, so we can get you started in the right direction right now…

Remember, the difference between Illness and Wellness, begins when you change “I” to “We”.

Dr. Glen
Dr. Glen

Dr. Glen has written over a dozen books in the Wellness field including a 2 volume encyclopedia of Natural Medicine in the context of his Clinical Theory of Everything, and the leading books in the world on natural therapies for the major blinding eye diseases: Cataract, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Dry Eye (#1 globally due to the high rate of related blindness in Africa from malnutrition including Vitamin A deficiency). His Functional Formulations are available at RemedyMatch.com and at select clinics, and coaching, consulting and training are also available through TryUnity.net to facilitate your Accelerated Self-Healing.

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